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Sharing A Holistic Perspective

We believe in Veganism as an answer but it does not include corporate veganism.

Sharing Facts

Sharing only truth to help the skeptics see through the agendas.

Taking Action

Spreading the awareness through the internet and through the World Wide Action Day.

Our Vision

Vegans For Freedom intends to co-create a world where animals and humans have free will and choice to live their life to the fullest. We envision a new paradigm where animal autonomy is recognized with human bodily autonomy. We also imagine a world where humans voluntarily choose a vegan way of living, without coercion from governments or corporations. Additionally, we support the creation of a decentralized veganic agricultural system that supports food sovereignty, ecological health, individual health, freedom, and bodily autonomy for all beings.

Our Mission

Vegans For Freedom takes a holistic approach to food sovereignty by encouraging vegans to support organic, locally grown plant-based foods rather than synthetic, laboratory-designed meats and processed products. We also aim to bring awareness to the vegan movement regarding the "Faux-Vegan"/Vegan Inc infiltration of the community. We work to educate vegans about the dangers of Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, and similar initiatives that use the momentum of veganism to push for an increasingly centralized food industry. Most importantly, we will educate the general public about the ways which human liberation is intertwined with animal liberation.

World Wide Action Day January 29, 2022

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We encourage all conscious vegans to hit the streets and social media and educate our fellow vegans about the danger of "Faux Veganism/Vegan Inc", the attempted corporate takeover of the vegan movement.

We also encourage vegans to reach out to non-vegans to inform them that not all vegans are buying into Agenda 2030 propaganda.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs were set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly with the intention of achieving them by the year 2030. The SDGs were part of a larger resolution known as the 2030 Agenda, or Agenda 2030. In June 2020, a similar initiative was launched by the World Economic Forum known as The Great Reset.

The Agenda 2030, SDGs, and The Great Reset speak of creating new systems of technology, food, and governance which are apparently aimed at creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive world. The programs they discuss appear rather innocuous to the casual reader. For example, the plans discuss creating more bike lanes to make cities less car dependent; creating more green spaces for people to enjoy the outdoors; and even a move away from animal agriculture with a focus on increasing plant based foods.

All of this sounds wonderful until you realize that the UN, the WEF, and the 2030 agenda involves limiting who can drive, who can fly, and what we can eat in the name of fighting climate change. The reality is that the UN and WEF are only paying lip service to protecting the environment, as well as privacy, liberty, and bodily autonomy.

In truth, the push for a plant based diet, the UN SDGs, and the Great Reset are based in a deeper agenda to monitor, control, and direct all life on the planet using technology. The true agenda of the WEF and the United Nations is to establish a global Technocratic State where alleged experts and technologists make decisions for the vast majority of the people in the name of saving the environment.

Vegans for Freedom stand against the Agenda 2030 and Great Reset plans because we seek to create a world where people voluntarily choose to embrace veganism. Further, we do not support the UN, WEF push for "Faux Veganism", a plant based diet that consists of heavily processed, genetically engineered, and 3D printed foods.

We support localized whole foods, plant based diets and work towards a world where the people consensually and voluntarily opt to protect animals and choose a vegan lifestyle.

Additionally, we favor and promote the local and regional implementation of permaculture principles applied to food production; principles that work to achieve real balance and homeostasis on planet Earth through facilitating the remediation and rejuvenation of soil and ecosystems. We support decentralizing the food supply by encouraging local permaculture farming everywhere feasible.

The Great Reset / Agenda 2030

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Let's Explore Faux Veganism

Veganism and vegan diets have exploded in popularity the last few years, leading to a huge increase in the amount and availability of new plant-based alternatives and food options in grocery stores and restaurants. However, the increased interest in Veganism and vegan diets, had led to many powerful corporations and food companies such as Burger King and Tyson to exploit the trend and try to profit off of Veganism by using the same environmentally destructive, unethical, and exploitative practices to now produce heavily produced unhealthy, GMO-laden alternatives. Things like both lab grown meat and the impossible burger.

We view attempts to sell veganism by promoting processed foods which may contain genetically modified ingredients as "Faux Veganism"

Also, we see many new vegans embracing products which support the same corporations that have benefitted off the current violent and destructive animal captivity schemes. These vegans embrace a plant based diet, but ignore the problems associated with supporting the same corporations and individuals which have created the current unsustainable and immoral food systems.

For example, some vegans choose to eat the Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger while ignoring that the products are funded in part by Bill Gates, who also owns the majority of the farmland in America

Hypocritically, Gates funds these processed vegan products while still eating meat.

Vegans for Freedom embrace a localized whole foods, plant based diet where possible.

We encourage more vegans to form and join community gardens and urban farms to gain experience in growing your own foods. By encouraging localized food production we believe we can create a world where we are not dependent on corporations or global governments to nurture our bodies and protect the animals.

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More Resources on Veganic Permaculture to come...

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